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For Fundraisers: Multiplying Generosity book plus online course approved for 4.5 CFRE CE points

This online course for fundraisers covers the many ways donors can use insurance products to multiply their legacy gift to charity. Through case examples, learn best practices to integrate gifts of insurance (life insurance, annuities, GICs and segregated funds) into estate planning. Tips are included on how to identify donors best suited towards gifts of insurance, and how a charity can most effectively promote and administer insurance gifts. Based on the book Multiplying Generosity: Creatively using insurance to increase legacy gifts, this course is divided into 4 segments that can be completed at your own pace. Full participation in Multiplying Generosity Using Insurance is applicable for 4.5 points in Category 1.B – Education of the CFRE International application for initial certification and/or recertification.

The Bequest Insurance team has discussed best practices on giving through insurance with fund development teams across Canada, and with fundraising colleagues from the Canadian Association of Gift Planners and the Association of Fundraising Professionals. These conversations have given the authors deep insight into creating insurance gifts that are a true win-win for the donor, the charity and financial advisor. Multiplying Generosity is the first comprehensive resource to cover the marketing of insurance as a gifting tool, donor talking points, administration of an insurance giving program and receipting, and – hallelujah – the first published best practice gift acceptance policy that is truly aware of charity comfort, risk tolerance and the limitations of recognition programs! Full of great case studies, this is the best and most transparent resource ever created on gifting insurance.
  Paul Nazareth Vice President, Community Engagement, Canada Helps 

For Financial Advisors: Ripple Effect book plus online course offering 4 Advocis-accredited CE Credits

Ripple Effect is an online course for Financial Advisors that is broken into four one-hour segments, each followed by a multiple-choice quiz. Each segment offers learning content that includes case studies. Advisors will learn:

  • How to build your business and increase client loyalty and referrals by integrating philanthropy into client estate planning. 
  • How to properly use life insurance, annuities and other insurance products to structure powerful charitable gifts that helping clients multiply their gifts, while also leaving more to their families and less to the taxman.

The Bequest Insurance team – made up of financial and insurance advisors, and an experienced professional fundraiser – has done their homework to understand gifting insurance with fundraising teams across Canada. In Ripple Effect, they have created a comprehensive resource for financial advisors that provides insight into integrating philanthropy into client estate planning, and the many ways insurance donations can help clients leave more for their families and charities alike, while reducing or eliminating estate taxes. Financial advisors will also learn some of the roadblocks charities face when receiving gifts of life insurance. Reading this book will help sell bigger policies to create more impact in the lives of clients and the world of philanthropy. Full of great case studies, finally a resource that will help with selling policies to the charitably-minded client.  Paul Nazareth Vice President, Community Engagement, Canada Helps