What The Enemy Thinks


What the Enemy Thinks: A Beck Carnell novel
by Gail Picco

Beck Carnell is a driven CEO whose upbringing in the fishing village of Herring Neck, Newfoundland both haunts and comforts her as she battles her demons and her rivals in a world where misery translates to fundraising opportunity.

The marketing press calls Beck's Toronto firm, Social Good, “an edgy, dynamic shop catering to charities and interest groups.” Together with a team comprised of talented political organizers, social media sages, and newcomers seeking success,Beck attempts to carve her way through both personal and professional challenges in the murky waters of modern-day faith, hope, and charity. Now only time will tell if she can simultaneously save the world, her firm and her sanity as she copes with heartbreak, wades through the stickiness of childhood memories and fights for what she sees as justice.

In this dark comedy, a shrewd charity marketer on a fast-paced journey to achieve professional triumph is forced to walk a fine line between her past and present, ultimately discovering the true meaning of unconditional love.

GAIL PICCO is an award-winning fundraising and communications consultant who ran a consulting firm for sixteen years. She has designed and executed advocacy and fundraising campaigns for some of Canada's largest charities. Her blog, yourworkinggirl.com, offers commentary on media, marketing, and the nonprofit sector. She was born and raised in Newfoundland, Canada.

ISBN  978-1-491770-03-0  iUniverse 2015

318 pages / soft cover / 6 x 9 inches 499 gr approx (1.1 lb)