3D Philanthropy


3D Philanthropy: Make your donors love you by connecting with their minds, hearts and souls

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At the end of the day, donors are just people. And people go through their days moving between their three natural dimensions – the intellectual, the emotional and the spiritual. If we really want to connect deeply with our donors, we must learn to reach their heads, their hearts AND their souls.

For the first time ever, a book tells fundraisers how to connect with donors in all three dimensions.

The economics of philanthropy is actually startlingly simple. Loyal donors are the economic engine of any charity's database. Donor loyalty has become the holy grail of fundraising. 3D Philanthropy is really a donor loyalty handbook. To understand 3D Philanthropy is to know how to build donor loyalty. Fundraisers who do that well will prosper.

Janet Gadeski and Fraser Green talk about 3D - get the mp3 interview here

What people are saying about 3D Philanthropy:

"3D Philanthropy addresses the emotional and motivational dimensions of fundraising better than any other book I know. It contains more intimate pen-portraits of donors and more analysis not just of how they think and behave, but also of how they feel and why they respond as they do. It deserves a space on every fundraiser's bookshelf."
— Ken Burnett, author of Relationship Fundraising

"I like this book - and you will, too. It's full of real-life stories about people like you and me. Fraser's curiosity and  intriguing exploration made me think a lot and smile even more. Fraser offers us thoughtful insights and a healthy dose of soulful inspiration."
— Simone P. Joyaux, ACFRE, author of Strategic Fund Development and co-author of Keep Your Donors

"3D Philanthropy is an energetic and highly engaging look at why your donors do what they do. Even better, you'll find powerful insights into why you do what you do."
— David Love, Canada's leading environmental fundraiser

ISBN 978-1-895589-89-4  Civil Sector Press 2011
232 pages soft cover / 8.5 x 5.5 in / 258 gr (9 ounces)