Where's My Cash?!


Where's My Cash?!: An in-the-trenches exposé of accounts receivable management and why it matters to your profit-seeking business

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In today’s tough economy, many businesses flounder because they fail to police their accounts receivable and collect past due accounts. Simply put, managing cash-flow is a business essential.

There’s no turning a blind-eye to effective cash-recovery, except at your own risk. To this end, Stu Woolley has written Where’s My Cash?!, an engaging, encouraging, easy-to-read D.I.Y. book to help business owners optimize the difficult but vital task of dealing with unpaid invoices and slow-paying customers. Written in an entertaining and digestible style, Where’s My Cash?! offers a step-by-step program that teaches you how to patrol overdue accounts, get paid sooner than later and stabilize customer relations with your good and not-so-good clients.

Filled with amusing and instructive anecdotes from Stu’s long career as an accounts receivable practitioner, illustrative examples drawn from real-life business episodes make Where’s My Cash?! a unique receivables primer that’s simple for readers to follow, implement and profit from.

What people are saying about Where's My Cash?!

“He speaks the truth.”
— Jac Zylstra

"Here's a guy who knows exactly what he's talking about. And it’s advice not to be taken lightly. Mr. Woolley is very good. Get the book! Get it NOW! Get Your Money!!"

“Great read and very practical.”
— Michael Miloff

Where's My Cash?! is a page turner! Hard to believe that anyone could make receivables that interesting, but that's what Stu Woolley has done. Part of it is that he’s just a great writer with a lot of real-world stories to tell. And the rest is that he makes a very good argument about the importance of businesses taking a more systematic and proactive approach to managing receivables. For anyone who has a managed a small or medium sized business, there is a treasure trove of insights and practical tips. It made me think of my own experiences and how I mishandled a couple of significant accounts at great cost. If I had read Where's My Cash?!, I would have saved myself a lot of money and duress. It was informative but interesting to peer underneath the accounts receivables "kimono" and learn, for example, when and how to use collection agencies. Anyone committed to making their business more profitable should read this book."

“A must-read for every small and medium sized business."
— Diplomat80

"I recently read Stu Woolley's book Where's My Cash?! and wished I had read it 30 years ago. It very clearly explains how as a small business owner, I ended up financing my customer's business at the expense of my own. I was afraid to do collection calls and had no process in place to get my clients to pay me on time. This book lays it all out for you in simple terms with a plan for cleaning up receivables, without alienating good customers. I highly recommend it!"

ISBN  978-1-927375-00-6  Hilborn Group Ltd. 2013
254 pages / soft cover / 7.8 x 5.1 inches 119 gr (4.2 ounces)