Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines


Download the Submission Guidelines in pdf format.

Thank you for considering a book proposal for Civil Sector Press. Please
keep your proposal to no more than 25 double-spaced pages.

Details about your book

  • Provisional title
  • Topic
  • Nature of the content: Biography, Memoir, Fiction, History
  • Approximate Length
  • Images: photos, maps, illustrations
  • Will you have: Footnotes, Endnotes, Bibliography,
  • Anticipated completion date
  • Contact information


  • Your book in 15 words or less


  • 250-500 words on what the book is about

Target Audience

  • Who do your think is going to buy and read your book?
  • How do you propose to reach that audience?

Author Bio

  • 250 words about yourself

Author Platform

  • Who are you able to reach because of who you are?
  • Are you known to your targeted audience?
  • Have you written previous books?
  • Where does your work regularly appear?
  • Are you active on social media? On what platforms? Could you give details?

Evidence of Need

  • What gap is your book intended to fill?
  • How will the content will benefit the reader?
  • Why will the reader will care?

Chapter Outline

Sample Chapter

Please email your submission to Mary Singleton at

Or mail to Civil Sector Press, c/o The Hilborn Group Ltd, Box 86, Station C, Toronto, ON  M6J 3M7.