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The State of Legacy Giving in 2015: Why the profile of today's legacy donor changes everything

This report is a summary of research findings conducted by UK fundraiser Richard Radcliffe in preparation for a plenary presentation at the 22nd Annual CAGP National Conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia on April 22-24, 2015.

With over 35 years of experience in fundraising and 25 of those in legacy giving, Richard is uniquely positioned to examine the current climate for gift planning, not only in Canada, but also around the globe. Richard believes that we are at the most important watershed in legacy giving any generation will ever experience. Thanks to changes in demographics, wealth, family environments and gender independence in financial planning, just about every conceivable strength, weakness, threat and opportunity is converging to produce unprecedented and explosive volatility in the charitable marketplace.

While empirical research and insight is telling us more about why people donate, the how remains a gift planning professional’s biggest challenge. Richard asks that key question, so often overlooked: “What type of action will inspire and move a donor to not just say they will leave a legacy but to actually do it?”

In his own words, and based on his unmatched research and experience, Richard reveals that truly understanding who your donor is may be the game-changer that will allow your organization to reap the benefits of legacy giving for years to come.

ISBN 978-1-927375-27-3  Civil Sector Press 2015 
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