Be Smart With Your Money


Be Smart With Your Money: Using emotional intelligence and knowledge to secure your financial well-being

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The book is a guide for all ages and stages. It is appropriate for young people starting out, those grappling with their investments, people going through a life change and people planning their retirement. Filled with real-life examples gleaned from his 47 years as a financial advisor,

Chris Snyder breaks down the sometimes intimidating world of finances into simple to follow steps. Chris Snyder makes it easy to understand your finances and manage them. It's a great tool for everyone who wishes to make the most out of their money. The strong emphasis on human behaviour in this book is unique to books on personal finance. If acted on, behaviour in combination with the information and practical ideas in the book will lead to powerful results and an enhanced financial well being.

The chapters cover topics which are critical to us all:

  • Are You Wearing Your Money On Your Sleeve?
  • The Art and Joy of Financial Planning
  • Budgeting: Where Are You Now And Where Are You Going?
  • Being A Smart Consumer
  • Happiness Is The Proper Use Of Credit
  • Advisors: Getting The Most From Your Support Team
  • Saving: Your Pathway to Feeling Secure
  • Investments:How Not To Be Your Own Worst Enemy
  • Taxes: Do Not Be Afraid Of The Bogeyman
  • Insurance: How To Reduce Fear And Achieve Peace of Mind
  • Change: How to Create Your New Future
  • Retirement: How Not to Run Out Of Money
  • The Joy & Riches of Sharing & Giving
  • Estate Planning: Being Remembered

What people are saying about Be Smart With Your Money:

“What happens when a true financial planning expert meets the fascinating world of behavioural finance? This book.”
— David Chilton, Author of The Wealthy Barber and The Wealthy Barber Returns

"Chris has been a thought leader in the world of advanced financial planning for many, many years. In his latest book, he demonstrates his command of the many critical elements of successful financial management but also demonstrates his keen insight into the effect of behavioural psychology upon decision-making. Be Smart With Your Money brims over with easy-to-understand wisdom and is a terrific resource not only for investors of all stripes but financial professionals of every level."
— Michael Nairne President and Chief Investment Office, Tacita Capital One of the co-founders and former Vice-Chairman of Assante Corporation Author of the Serious Money column in the Financial Post

"After a distinguished career as a financial planner, Chris Snyder has built on his experience and knowledge of human behaviour to write an indispensable reference book for those striving to take control of their personal finances. There’s lots to be learned in these pages."
— Ellen Roseman, Toronto, Ontario Toronto Star columnist and University of Toronto instructor

"When the best of 47 years of experience by a passionate financial advisor meet with human behaviour and financial tactics, you have this wonderful book Be Smart With Your Money. It can help you move your financial life forward so you don’t have to be enslaved by money; rather, you’ll find it can be a lot of fun to build, grow and enjoy it."
—  Evelyn Jacks, Winnipeg, Manitoba Best-selling author, President of Knowledge Bureau, a virtual financial educational institute and Member of the Federal Taskforce on Financial Literacy

"As an advisor who has been in the financial planning business for close to 12 years and primarily works with individuals in their 30’s and 40’s, this book by Chris Snyder, is a great reference resource for the multitude o f challenges that young families face from a financial planning standpoint. Be Smart With Your Money provides factual information and the author’s professional experience and insight provides meaningful case situations to learn from."
—  Derek Reckin, CFP EPC, Toronto, Ontario Certified Financial Planner York Street Financial Inc.

"I have known Chris Snyder for many years thanks to Rotary. I know that he devotes many hours to “hands-on projects” in developing countries as well as many projects carried out by the Rotary Club of Toronto. What I did not know until reading his new book was his knowledge and experience in personal finance advice. As a retired chartered accountant, I believe his knowledge and treatment of how people, particularly young people, should deal with their money, is excellent. It will help all persons living on a fixed or possibly slowly growing income to better manage their finances and as a result live happier lives. It emphasizes the need to budget and put something away for a rainy day. In my opinion, it can help all persons living on a budget”.
— Wilfrid Wilkinson, C.A., Trenton, Ontario Past President of Rotary International

ISBN 978-1-927375-06-8  Hilborn Group 2013
448 pages soft cover / 9.6 x 6.7 inches / 725 gr (1.6 lb)