Unfamiliar History: Canada @ 150 PDF or ePub


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by Earle Gray

Unfamiliar History: Canada@150 PDF or ePub

An indispensible resource for Canada's sesquicentennial celebrations and messages with big but little known facets of Canadian history. 482 pages -130 fascinating stories and feature articles of varying lengths.

…. How Wolfe failed to conquer Canada on the plains of Abraham

….The Atlantic naval battle that succeeded where Wolfe Failed

…. Missing evidence in Darwin’s theory of evolution discovered in Ontario

…. Canada’s father of modern human rights

…. How Canada’s leadership launched the International Criminal Court

…. How Canada created the oil industry

…. Opening the Northwest Passage.

Many more vignettes with details you will find nowhere else...

You’ll find it all in “Unfamiliar History: Canada@150.”

482 page e-book, 130 stories and articles, from 100 to 7,000 words each.

...Gray pulls back the curtain on crucial but oft-forgotten aspects of our history. Robert Bott, Calgary Author and historian

...Truly excellent work.
Michael Byers, Canada Research Chair, University of British Columbia

...priceless vignettes that “tell it the way it was” – with all its triumphs, nostalgia and warts.
Charles Cooper, Railway historian

ISBN 978-1-927375-44-0

Civil Sector Press 2017

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