Worthy and Prepared


Worthy and Prepared: A simple guide to the two essential principles organizations must follow to raise more money and support the causes that are important to us all

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For organizations to be successful in the cut-throat world of fundraising, they cannot simply be needy. Or simply be a 'good cause'. They cannot just have a good story to tell, or an interesting and creative way to tell it. The organization must, as a whole, be worthy of support in every way, and sufficiently prepared to receive it and put it to proper use.

The message is simple - that being worthy of a donor's support and being prepared to turn that support into action are essential to securing major gifts. Putting this directive into practice is more difficult.

Armed with real-life scenarios and examples, the authors help the reader gain a better understanding of the concept of being worthy - as you build your brand and market your organization to all stakeholders. To help prepare the organization for its future success, Worthy and Prepared also provides tools to assist in the development of essential operating processes that underpin and nurture the strong partnerships needed for success.

Full of gentle wisdom and first-hand learnings, Worthy and Prepared is a must-have resource for every non-profit executive - fundraiser or otherwise.

What people are saying about Worthy and Prepared

"Worthy and Prepared provides the building blocks on which to plan and implement your development program. The authors demonstrate, through many interesting stories, the discipline required and practical ways to grow your organization both in ability to fulfill its mission and generate more resources. Give your organization a solid foundation and competitive advantage: read Worthy and Prepared."
— Sue Egles, CFRE, Philanthropic Architect and Partner, Inspire

"This book reiterates all the basic principles that we as fundraisers need to follow: Don’t charge ahead without thinking. Know what your organization is about. Differentiate yourself from others. Follow best practices. Although many of us know this, Sluga and Barrow firmly remind us of these principles and provide step-by-step directions to make it a reality."
— Cecil Barron Jensen, Executive Director, Artist Association of Nantucket

"Worthy and Prepared provides a solid foundation for your development program. For newer charities, it is a road map to follow, and for charities that have been around for a while, it is a strong refresher of some of the basics, written in an easy-to-read and engaging way."
— Suzanne Bone, CFRE Executive Director, The Foundation of Guelph General Hospital

ISBN 978-1-895589-64-1  Civil Sector Press 2010
142 pages soft cover / 10 x 7 in / 357 gr (12.6 ounces)