Dodging Tough Times and Understanding Sustainability eReports


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Dodging Tough Times: How Stewardship Programs can make all the difference

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The Goldie Company in association with Hilborn and Collis & Reed Research developed and administered this 2010 survey to query nonprofit and charitable organizations from across Canada on donor recognition and stewardship practices. Still relevant today, this report distills the survey findings on 207 nonprofit and charitable organizations across Canada and reveals:

  • The most common stewardship and donor recognition practices used
  • Strategies that are perceived to be the most successful  
  • Practices that have not been successful
  • The challenges recognition programs face  
  • The extent to which organizations with strongly developed stewardship programs have been impacted by the recent economic situation

ISBN 1-895589-85-1  Civil Sector Press 2010
96 pages PDF

Understanding Sustainability in the Canadian Nonprofit Sector

See Sustainability Excerpt

The Goldie Company and BNP Strategies, in association with Collis & Reed Research developed and administered a survey to query nonprofit and charitable organizations from across Canada on the degree to which they perceived themselves as being sustainable. The main objective of this project was to develop an understanding of how these organizations define sustainability and based upon their own criteria, the extent to which they consider themselves to be a sustainable organization.

A total of 146 non-profit and charitable organizations from across Canada took part in the survey. This new report based on the survey offers unique insight into the concept of sustainability in the nonprofit sector. In particular, the survey highlights beliefs and attitudes towards sustainability, and draws attention to the prerequisites and challenges faced by nonprofit organizations as they endeavour to become more sustainable.

Key characteristics include:

  • The three fundamental best practices that lead to sustainability
  • Challenges common among those organizations with low sustainability ratings 
  • The impact of Stewardship practices on sustainability
  • The vital role of leadership and planning in achieving sustainability
  • Increasing competency through training  

ISBN 978-1-927375-22-8  Civil Sector Press 2014 
62 pages PDF