Excellence In Fundraising In Canada Volume 2


Excellence in Fundraising in Canada Volume 2: The Definitive Resource for Canadian Fundraisers

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The first volume of Excellence in Fundraising in Canada edited by Guy Mallabone and published in 2011 has become our all-time Best Seller. Adopted as a text by a number of Canadian academic institutions, it delivers over 400 years of combined  fundraising experience through the expertise of 22 of Canada's most respected fundraising professionals.

Now Volume 2 of Excellence in Fundraising in Canada completes the picture with an additional 18 chapters from more respected Canadian fundraising professionals, again edited by Guy Mallabone.

  1. History of Fundraising in Canada - Patricia Hardy, ACFRE
  2. HR in Fundraising -Tim McConnell
  3. Small Shops - Ligia Pena, CFRE
  4. Measuring Performance - Karen Van Sacker
  5. Organizational Culture - Kelly Morris and Andrea Morris
  6. Diversity in Fundraising -Krishan Mehta and Deborah Greenfield, CFRE
  7. Advocacy -Christopher F. Holz
  8. Telemarketing - Dan Abraham
  9. International Fundraising -Cathy Daminato
  10. Charitable Gaming -Ted Garrard
  11. Sponsorship - Brent Barootes
  12. Creative in Fundraising - John VanDuzer
  13. Communication Strategies with Major Gift Donors - Anne Melanson, CFRE
  14. Social Fundraising - James Howe
  15. Philanthropic Naming - Vincent E. Duckworth, CFRE
  16. Entrepreneurial Fundraising - Kathryn Babcock, CFRE
  17. Grant Writing - Rob Peacock, CFRE
  18. The Charity in Business - John Baker and John Pepin

    The 'definitive resource' for Canadian fundraisers, both volumes of Excellence will inevitably find their way onto the bookshelves of thousands of Canadian fundraisers, from old hands with decades of time in the trenches to raw recruits looking to social media to transform our world. 

    What people are saying about Excellence In Fundraising In Canada Volume 1

    "Excellence in Canadian Fundraising is a comprehensive book written by senior, well regarded, Canadian practitioners offering practical, strategic and tactical information. Highly recommended as a great resource for a survey or post secondary course, and a requirement for any fundraising office." 

    — Deb Greenfield Findlay, Director of Development, Ted Rogers School of Management, Ryerson University

    "A copy of this book should be in every fundraiser's office. Covering everything from prospect research to special events, major gifts and more, Excellence in Fundraising is the first Canadian book to cover the full gamut of fundraising."
    — Dale Godsoe, CM, President, Capital Cities Consulting

    "The authors in this publication represent an anthology of collective expertise within Canada's charitable sector. With wisdom gleaned from all of these authors, Guy Mallabone delivers unabashed wisdom, with an extraordinary combination of theoretical and applied knowledge for the practitioner. This is the definitive book for our profession." 
    — Rob Peacock, M.A., CFRE, CEO, Peacock Philanthropic Inc.

    "...the first comprehensive fundraising textbook written by Canadians for Canadians." 
    — Elaine Goldie, retired Vice-President (External) University of Manitoba

    "In an industry as fast growing as individual and corporate philanthropy,where there is often a struggle to find highly qualified senior fundraisers, this book brings the street-smart knowledge from the trenches of 20 of Canada's top fundraisers. It's a must read!"   
    — Dale Boniface, President, Give Canada Fundraising Corp.

    "Excellence in Fundraising in Canada covers it all - whether you are a student, mid or senior level fundraiser - providing best practices on a range of subjects. Where else can you find twenty experts in the field, providing top-notch advice when you need it?" 
    — Terry R. Flannigan, Ph.D.

    "...a well-written guide to Canadian fundraising, filled with advice from Canada's most experienced fundraisers."   
    — Mridula Joyner, CFRE,Vice President, Philanthropy, YMCA of Greater Toronto

    "...an excellent information source for every Canadian fundraiser, regardless of their years of experience."
    — Joan Black, CFRE, President, Black Fund Development Inc.

    Excellence In Fundraising In Canada Volume 2
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