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Lost Generation: Millenials. Why University Fundraising & Alumni Programs Are Failing Them.  How to Reach Them and Raise More Money.

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In the last 50 years, universities have changed. They are bigger, more crowded places. So, too, have the students - the Millennial Generation. They go to university poor and graduate even poorer with massive amounts of debt.

When they graduate many don't have jobs or are underemployed. While many things about universities have changed in the last 50 years, the basic assumptions universities have about their graduates haven't. Universities still expect graduates to give and to keep connected. With the increasing need for more donations, universities are putting even more faith in this connection and are ignoring the evidence of the cracks that are beginning to form within the relationship.

Millennials are unlike all the other generations that have come before them. They have different expectations. They live in different worlds. They think differently. And, they face a much different future than their Boomer counterparts 50 years ago.

Now, a new report is examining how universities deal with their Millennial alumni - The Lost Generation. Written by Canadian non-profit marketing expert John Suart, the report warns that if universities don't change the way they think, then the Millennial Generation may become the first group of graduates in the history of post-secondary education in North America that universities can no longer count on for donations and support.

ISBN 978-1-927375-10-5  Civil Sector Press 2013 
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