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Edited by Tracey Church and Liz Rejman

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Prospect Research in Canada: An Essential Guide for Researchers and Fundraisers is intended for fundraisers and researchers just starting out with prospect research. This book is an invaluable resource for those needing to establish training and guidelines for their organization or educational programs. It also offers a wealth of information for those from the private sector who realize the unique skill sets required to successfully conduct research in Canada.

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Chapter 1 - Introduction to Prospect Research

  • Historical development of prospect research, APRA in Canada, Prospect research in the fundraising cycle, The role of the researcher within a fundraising team

Chapter 2 - Research Ethics

  • Trust, integrity, accountability and conduct; Social media; Ethics case studies

Chapter 3 - Identifying and Researching Foundations

  • Types of foundations; Giving guidelines for foundations; Understanding foundation financials; Financial reporting to the CRA; What should be in a foundation profile
  • APPENDIX 1 – Qualified Donees Case Study
  • APPENDIX 2 – CRA Quick View Case Study
  • APPENDIX 3 – CRA Full View Case Study
  • APPENDIX 4 – CRA Schedule 6 Case Study
  • APPENDIX 5 – Analysis Case Study

Chapter 4 - Identifying and Researching Corporations

  • Types of corporations in Canada; Corporate prospects: key resources 
  • Understanding types of corporate funding: philanthropic giving, sponsorship, gifts, matching gift companies, and cause-related marketing (CRM)
  • Key corporate notes: finding the right contact person, the importance of linkages to your organization, and media monitoring
  • Private Company Valuation
  • Determining a capacity rating for a corporate ask
  • APPENDIX 6 - Company Profile Template
Chapter 5 - Identifying and Researching Individuals
  • The importance of individual philanthropists, their spouses, and families
  • Individual prospects: key resources 
  • Senior volunteers and peer screening
  • Relationship mapping and the importance of linkages
  • Researching and identifying planned giving prospects
  • Determining a capacity rating for an individual ask
  • What should be in an individual profile
Chapter 6 - Database Management: Bringing it all together for effective reporting
  • What does database management mean for prospect research professionals?
  • Recommended best practices
  • The importance of working closely with technical and other staff
  • Reports that work for everyone
  • Data visualization
  • Highlight tables
  • Graphs
  • Heat maps
Chapter 7 - Pipeline Management
  • Relationship management with the development team
  • Assignments versus no assignments
  • Moves management
  • Portfolio management: Portfolio balanceand phase aging
  • Fundraiser and researcher performance metrics
Chapter 8 - Data Mining and Analytics
  • Getting to know your data
  • Preparing your data for mining
  • Appending external information
  • Scoring your constituents – “quick and easy”
  • Case study
  • Predicting donors – Simple predictive model
  • If, when and why to go to an external vendor
  • Data and analytics vendors
  • Annual giving campaigns
  • Planned giving campaigns
  • Major giving and capital campaigns
  • 16 questions to ask when selecting an external vendor

Chapter  9 - Strategic Planning for Your Research Shop

  • SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats)
  • Gift tables
  • OGSM strategic planning model (Objectives, Goals, Strategies, Measures)
  • Researching external factors that can impact your campaign and strategic plan
  • The economy
  • Demographics
  • Trends
  • Politics and government changes
  • Competition and conflicts
  • Perception
Chapter 10 - Considerations to Diversifying your Prospect Base
  • A checklist for international development
  • International prospects and changing Canadian demographics
Chapter 11 - The Future of Prospect Research
  • What is career pathing?
  • Career options within and beyond prospect research
  • Future trends in the profession - The crystal ball problem
Chapter 12 - Resources
  1. AFP Code of Ethics (pdf)
  2. AFP A Donor Bill of Rights (pdf)
  3. Free Resources
  4. Fee-based resources (some available in public and university libraries)
  5. Profile Samples (Corporation, Foundation, Individual Standard)
  6. Peer Review Samples
  7. Resource Evaluation_Hubbs_Foundation-Directory-Assesment-Tool (Excel)
  8. Books
  9. Prospect Research Education in Canada
  10. APRA Body of Knowledge (BOK) Summary
  11. APRA Ethics Guidelines
Praise for Prospect Research In Canada

"The first question I ask a charity when they are looking for advice in major gifts is 'have you done any prospect research?' Prospect research is the secret opportunity and this guide will help to ensure that more charities are able to be more effective in their work with donors and volunteers."
Ann Rosenfield, MBA, CFRE Principal, Charitably Speaking
Executive Director, Transforming Faces

"Whether you are a small fundraising shop or big fundraising machine, the foundation of any fundraising success is having a prospect researcher as part of your team.  Detective, strategist, navigator and myth-buster, are all roles played by a prospect researcher as they guide fundraisers to identify potential donors.   I am so pleased that fundraisers now have a Canadian resource for prospect research to give us a truly Canadian perspective on this key role in any fundraising shop."
Mary McPherson, CFRE
Executive Director, Georgetown Hospital Foundation


"The authors in this book are leaders not only in Canada, and not only in prospect research but in the fundraising profession as a whole. This book is a signal that prospect researchers don’t simply aspire to be, but in fact are at the forefront of innovation and leadership in the nonprofit world. It should be in every fundraising organization’s list of essential resources."
Peter McKinley
Director of Development, ONE Foundation for Niagara Health System

Prospect Research in Canada: an essential guide for researchers and fundraisers 

ISBN 978-1-927375-35-8  Civil Sector Press 2016

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