Reality Check


Reality Check: Straight Talk about Sponsorship Marketing

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A practical guide for Canadian nonprofits seeking productive sponsor relationships, this book is equally useful for sponsorship professionals and organizations that provide sponsorship.

The “secret” to a successful sponsorship isn’t really a secret at all. You will achieve far better longer-lasting results by selling solutions rather than begging for support.

Reality Check is clearly written and easy to follow. Practical exercises help to ensure the concepts are relevant to your particular situation and easy to apply. This comprehensive sponsorship reference includes:

  • Inventory and Valuation
  • Finding your best prospects
  • Discovery session how-tos
  • Proposals that work
  • Activation tips
  • Fulfillment guidelines
  • and more

Praise For Reality Check

"The content in this book works! Applying the author's strategies, we have secured a number of partnerships and sponsors for our tours and projects. Reality Check is a step by step carefully explaining the world of sponsorship from who to contact, how to contact sponsors, what to say in discovery calls, building relationships that last, and how to build innovative customized effective sponsorship programs. I have referred to this book so many times the pages are already worn. This book also identifies the common mistakes that properties and brands make, supported by strategies to succeed. The authors provide templates, checklists and sample scripts which help the reader step into action which acts as a roadmap to help readers navigate through the world of sponsorship."
— Charmaine Hammond, MA, BA Professional Speaker and best selling author

"Brent has taught us how to create value for our sponsors in ways that we never imagined, and to identify inventory we didn’t even realize was!”
— Karen Faulkner, Vice President, Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation

"... a straightforward book that is a must read for every property that is looking for Sponsorship. From inventory to fulfillment, this is the book for the starting and continuation of a successful sponsorship journey.”
— Jim Bryant, National Manager, Experiential Marketing, Xerox Canada Ltd.

"Reality Check is long overdue as it provides sage, simple advice for sponsorship professionals to get better at their craft and improve their clients’ business in the process.”
— Dan Mackenzie, Chair, Sponsorship Marketing Council of Canada (SMCC)

"This book demystifies sponsorship with clear descriptions of what each party’s legitimate expectations should be, and how to go about realizing those expectations, from first thoughts about possibilities through to the realization of the project and determining the benefits derived. Brent Barootes can write authoritatively about these matters because he has helped many organizations mount successful campaigns, as is demonstrated throughout the material by the liberal use of examples to illustrate the points being made. The writing partnership with Janet Gadeski results in an easily accessible text."
- David T. Barnard, Ph.D., President and Vice-Chancellor, University of Manitoba

ISBN 978-1-927375-18-1  Civil Sector Press 2014 
202 pages soft cover / 6.7 x 9.6 in / 425 gr (15 ounces)