About Us

Hilborn’s Civil Sector Press International, along with its special imprints Emerson & Church and White Lion Press, is the English-speaking world’s largest publisher focused on the international nonprofit sector, providing books on fundraising and nonprofit management by a wide range of the world’s best and brightest sector leaders.

The CSP catalogue presents authors debating some of the most important issues confronting the nonprofit sector, as well as many highly regarded “how-to” reference books used by professional fund development managers and by educational institutions as course texts.

The Press was founded in 2007 by Jim Hilborn who also launched Canadian FundRaiser (now Hilborn Charity eNews) newsletter in 1991, and co-founded CharityVillage in 1993. A founding board member of the Canadian Association of Gift Planners, Jim published Gift Planning in Canada for over a decade beginning in 2004.

In 2022, Civil Sector Press acquired the backlists of Emerson & Church and White Lion Press.