The Folio E-Book Package

Folio E-Book Package

Cover Design and Page Assembly

We’ll consult with you, and then work with you to prepare a customized front and back cover design created to make your book stand out. Then we’ll create a basic layout/page assembly, including the best typography to present your book, with two rounds of revisions.

Basic Copy Editing
Basic copy editing at Civil Sector Press involves a light line-by-line review of your work that addresses any mechanical errors in spelling, grammar, common usage, punctuation, jargon, homophone errors, use of the passive voice, repetition, basic syntax, and facts. We’ll review your work for overall clarity and sense on behalf of your prospective audience, look for apparent errors or inconsistencies, and note where permissions may be needed to publish copyrighted material. We’ll help you ensure you’ve given proper credit and acknowledgements wherever appropriate, and advise you on the use of footnotes, endnotes and quotations. We’ll cross-check references, art, figures, tables, equations and other features for consistency with their mentions in the text, and will proofread and prepare your manuscript for the design and assembly stages.

We’ll prepare an e-publishing file converted and formatted for use on the Kindle, Kobo and IngramSpark platforms, including a copyright notice to protect your author’s rights.

We’ll create your copyright page according to National Library and Library of Congress specifications, and make all arrangements and required registrations with Library and Archives Canada, provide digital proofs as required, and arrange for an International Standard Book Number (ISBN).

Your manuscript may be up to 30,000 words, with pro-rata pricing for larger books.

Our E-Book Package Fee
$4,997.00 plus applicable tax.


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