The Folio Full Professional Publishing Package

Folio Full Professional Publishing Package

Cover Design and Page Assembly

As with our E-Book Package.

Substantive Developmental Editing
In addition to basic copy editing as with our other Packages, we’ll work closely with you to refine the organization, general direction and strength of your book before the editing steps begin. We’ll read the entire book carefully at least twice, making careful notes throughout. We’ll consider everything from pacing to characterization, point of view, tense, plot, sub-plots, and dialogue — all the elements that make a book interesting, entertaining and readable. Where necessary, we’ll move, delete, tighten, clarify and rewrite sentences, paragraphs, chapters and sections of your manuscript.

As with our Combined E-Book & Standard Print Package, plus a PDF copy and the ability to make ongoing and final changes for future print runs.

Marketing & Development Counsel and Support
As with our Combined E-Book & Standard Print Package, plus we’ll work with you on the development and implementation of a complete marketing plan and budget. Wherever possible, we’ll support and assist your author website and other personal marketing efforts. Your book will be included and promoted for easy purchase in our website BookRoom, and in eBlasts to our online distribution lists. It will receive full national and international distribution through Amazon, Kindle, and IngramSpark, and a special review in our weekly Charity E-News. We’ll prepare and issue a press release, offer book launch and special postcard options, and extend exclusive discount pricing arrangements for target groups, workshop and seminar attendees.

As with our Combined E-Book & Standard Print Package, plus a complete bound proof.

Author’s Copies
We’ll provide you with twenty copies at no charge.

Your manuscript may be up to 75,000 words, with pro-rata pricing for larger books.

Net Income Sharing
Author/Civil Sector Press 50/50 split. Royalties are paid twice annually.

Our Full Professional Publishing Package Fee
$10,997.00 plus applicable tax.


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