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About Canada: "My God, this is a great country!"

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About Canada: My God this is a great country is a great book for students and history-buffs alike.

About Canada explodes the legend that the 1759 Battle of the Plains of Abraham cast the destiny of Canada. Tells how two naval battles on the far side opened the way for the birth of the United States, the evolution of Canada as self-governing British colonies, and finally, Confederation.

Read about the first European settlement in North America, 1,000 years ago… The tragic deaths of 30,000 destitute Irish refugees in Canada … The first Canada Day: a father of Confederation burned in effigy, with a live rat… A multicultural model for the world… When Canada mattered… From aristocracy to the best democracy… The democratic deficit: abuse of power. Plus facts, figures, Canadian achievements, scintillating sayings and history headlines.

What people are saying about About Canada:

"A very valuable and readable book."
— Desmond Morton, O.C., McGill University historian.

"A bright, lively book that serves to remind Canadians that as a country we have done much to be proud of."
— Robert Bothwell, University of Toronto historian.

"Amazing stuff about Canada. I'm a fan."
— Christopher Moore, popular historian, Governor General literature award-winner

"Canada's foremost oil historian delivers 1,000 years of intriguing history about this fabulous country."
— Robert Tremain, Oil Museum of Canada. 

About the Author:

The author of 10 non-fiction books, Earle Gray is a former editor of Oilweek magazine, public affairs executive and speechwriter and publisher. He holds numerous writing awards, including a lifetime achievement award from the Petroleum History Society (Canada) and a similar award from the Petroleum Institute (United States).

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